David Craig

I am a multimedia journalist with experience reporting locally, writing features and conducting interviews as well as specialist knowledge of film, television and comic books.

The two features he has written for unLTD magazine have been superb. He clearly noted our style and properly nailed it.

Jill Theobald, unLTD Magazine Features Writer

As a young gay man, It's A Sin has been a brutal education on the AIDS crisis - and I will never forget it

Since I started watching Russell T Davies’ latest drama It’s A Sin, I’ve been a wreck. I find myself welling up as I go about my day-to-day life while struggling to keep the show off my mind. Never have I been so profoundly shaken by a film or television series and part of the reason for that is its particular relevance to me personally. Being a 23-year-old gay man, the story of Ritchie and his friends strikes very close to home. As Ian Green, Chief Executive at Terrence Higgins Trust, recently

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 (2019) Review

If ‘The Final Gauntlet’ is anything to go by, Donny Cates is not wasting time with his fresh take on Marvel’s premier space oddities. It’s been an opening arc of blockbuster scale and thrills, easily establishing this as the most interesting volume of “Guardians of the Galaxy” since Abnett and Lanning’s seminal run of the mid noughties. Certainly, it’s the first to be published since the dawn of their MCU incarnations that comes anywhere near close to capturing the essence of James Gunn’s cosmic romps, all the while avoiding the pitfalls of being an outright imitation.

Review: Io

The latest science-fiction offering from streaming giant Netflix is a remarkably sombre drama set on a toxic planet Earth, one that is mere days away from being completely abandoned. As the final few expedition ships prepare to set off towards Io, a moon orbiting Jupiter which could inhabit human life, young scientist Sam Walden (Qualley) desperately searches for a sign that her homeworld isn’t beyond saving. She faces increasing pressure to pack up shop from a boyfriend who is lightyears away and a traveller named Micah (Mackie) who turns up on her doorstep in a hot air balloon. As you do.

Excellent professional attitude and reliability. He fitted right in.

Ella Walker, Press Association Features Editor